Deaf Awareness & Basic Sign Language Course for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

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There are over 11 million people in the UK with a hearing loss, and very few hotels that can fully accommodate their deaf and hard of hearing guests. I am a Qualified Teacher Deaf Awareness, teaching deaf awareness to hotel staff members. My aim is to educate hoteliers in providing appropriate access and a safe environment for their guests whom have a hearing loss. 

Throughout the training, I teach basic signs, which are fitting for a hotel establishment, enabling staff to communicate effectively and confidently with their deaf guests. The health and safety aspects that surround a person with a hearing loss are very rarely discussed but with a little foresight and assistance these can be resolved. 

I demonstrate equipment that is available to assist with resolving these issues. There are a range of methods in which people can communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people; I explain the different types of deafness, along with the appropriate communication method for each type of hearing loss.


Come along to our fantastic Information Session in Manchester on Wednesday 20th September from 2pm - 4pm at the Ziferblat in the Northern Quarter!

Join us to find out more about the course and see the equipment that is vital to deaf guests. Book your place now at and search for Deaf Awareness in Hospitality. Book now!!   

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